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Who we are & what we do

STEPS Sourcing, member of SEDEX,UK is a leading Apparel Sourcing company, with offices in Tirupur and Coimbatore, providing excellent quality Textiles, Apparel and Accessories from India to our international clients. Over the years, we have gained an indepth understanding of products due to our experience and expertise in the sourcing field. STEPS Sourcing ensures that the products you import are sourced from reliable manufacturers and are of outstanding quality. The Company has an extensive network which sources from all over India to assist you in getting excellent quality in an amazingly short time span by observing the strictest quality standards. We offer highly competitive prices to suit specific needs.

We have a well-structured design team based in London to create the latest fashion mood boards and tech-packs.

We specialise in all kinds of T-Shirts, Polo’ Shirts, Mercerized Polo Shirts, Sportswear, Loungewear, Woven Pants, Briefs, Sweaters, Pullovers, Cardigans, Jackets, Tracksuits, Vests, Socks, Scarfs, Shorts, Bermuda Shorts, Pyjama’s, Woven Shirts, Woven Shorts, and Home Decors, using various fabrics and special value added effects like the latest prints and embroidery works.


At STEPS, our vision is to be India’s most reliable apparel sourcing company.

To do this, we have established a culture of thorough understanding of your requirements, following high-quality standards in sourcing and delivering on time. We are committed to actively seeking and building long-term partnerships with the best manufacturers and following socially and ethically sustainable business practices.



  • Teams of highly qualified and talented designers in our affiliate factories.
  • Pattern making and sample development facilities
  • Fully computerised system to track material purchases, orders and production.
  • Analysis of production audits to ensure accuracy.
  • Real-time tracking for all imports and exports of cargo so you stay informed.