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Design & Development

We take great pride

Our Design & Development team caters to the individual needs of every customer. With the extensive experience and expertise that we have amassed over the years, we have intrinsic understanding of the nature and multitude of fabrics and products available in the region. Armed with this knowledge, we are better able to help identify the correct fabric and products to meet specific requirements.


The heart of our organisation

The heart of our organisation is the Merchandising Department consisting of several business units. Each customer is served exclusively by a business unit. Our merchandisers are highly trained and experienced and they have an excellent eye for detail and a passion for the products. They are the point of contact for you so that your requirements are clearly understood and passed on to the appropriate production facility. They travel extensively to the production centres and visit customers. With backgrounds in production, they are aware of the capabilities and limitations of our factories and therefore can find the perfect factory for each product. They optimise costs and offer cost-cutting alternatives so that all the stakeholders meet their required margins. They also orchestrate the supply chain to ensure timely receipt of raw material and subsequently ensure on-time delivery of merchandise.

Tech Support

Assisting you

STEPS has a highly-qualified technical team which assists clients by giving technical specifications and patterns that significantly reduce product development time. Our technical team has the capability to create their own size spec, patterns, and conduct fit sessions for procedure manual tests.

Quality Assurance

For customer satisfaction

STEPS strives to work to customer quality standards, and when not available, works to our quality standards which have been established through years of experience. Our quality control procedure includes inspections at various stages, starting with the raw material at the site through to the final inspection, and includes regular in-line inspections as well.
We also assist manufacturers to implement and reinforce their own quality systems. With STEPS support, conformity to contract specifications is monitored independently. Corrective actions, when necessary, are initiated at the factory – thereby maximising efficiency. We are committed to customer satisfaction, by ensuring that the goods ordered are delivered on time that meets or exceeds required quality standards and correct quantity.

We have an independent Inspection Team, trained by International inspection agencies. The core of our QA network is our field support staff consisting of product technicians and quality assurance inspectors who make up over 60% of our workforce. Their constant presence in the factories ensures that you receive merchandise made to the highest standards.

Logistics Support

Keeping you informed

Our logistics department ensures the proper procedures are followed regarding statutory documentation and communication with shipping and airlines.
At STEPS, it is our responsibility to provide on-time documentation, and this idea percolates from product to the point of delivery. We strive to provide the most updated logistics information and we have the following systems in place:
  • Focused strategic planning with forwarders and liners
  • On-time and accurate shipping documentation
  • Advanced information systems
  • Prompt notification of Sea and Air schedules
  • Co-ordinating shipping requirements
  • Tracking shipments during transit
  • Reducing documentation delays

Labour Practices & Safety Laws

Our high standards

STEPS ensures that all production units follow health and safety labour practices. Our Compliance Officer ensures all the necessary norms are followed as per the respective law of the state that the factory is in.